Twitter Accounts

The term “UFO” has a very polarizing effect. Some believe, some don’t, and others don’t care either way.

This page will be provide you a list of those who are against anything pertaining to UFOs, and to those who are believers.

Twitter trick:
Most times when you “tweet” at someone – using the “@so-and-so”, your tweet has a small chance of being seen by the person you are trying to reach. But if you place a period before the “at” sign like this – “.@so-and-so” your tweet will get seen by all the FOLLOWERS of that person’s Twitter handle.

Don’t abuse this information.

All names below are links to their Twitter accounts and will open a new window.

Giorgio A. Tsoukalos
Erich von Däniken
David Childress (No Twitter, link to his website)

Jason Colavito